Promise is a trade association for companies in the area of talent development, with a focus on digital media. A trade association is a nonprofit organization that works with common issues of interest to the industry and is largely based on voluntary work and commitment from members.

Promise began in 1996 and works to oversee and develop the industry and to be its advocate. Promise strengthens members by offering support and services that enhance their business. The goal is to be the leading industry association and the primary voice of business in talent development within Sweden.


Promise organize the industry’s single most important event – ”Promisedagen” (The Promise Day) It is the biggest event for our members in Sweden, a day where customers and suppliers meet to exchange experiences and learn more about talent development and digital media. The day is visited by over 300 decision makers in sales, HR and training. The day is very popular amongst both customers and suppliers and is appreciated in the industry as a way to expand the professional network. The event is frequently visited by internationally known speakers.

Föreningen Sveriges Multimediaproducenter Promise
Box 22307
104 22 Stockholm

Visiting address
Klara Norra Kyrkogata 31, Stockholm

Peter Bergh
Phone: 08-440 11 85 70

Malin Hydén
Phone: 0709-60 89 99